Artificial Intelligence is coming for your job! So, what is A.I anyway? Well, AI is everywhere. It is used by banks, businesses like Netflix and Amazon. With every passing minute computers and AI is learning everything about you!

An A.I. algorithm will probably finish your next text message, offer you the next video you watch on YouTube. The term Artificial Intelligence was coined in 1956, and can be simply defined as “the study of mental facilities through the use of computational systems” like your mobile phone.

23 billion euro was the cost of the last Lockdown in Ireland, Now, we are in a second Lockdown. A nightmare for some people. Dark, cold and lonely days of the winter are just a few weeks away. This is time will be different! We have COVID 19 headlines to keep us entertained!

Over the duration for our second!! I hope to provided my readers with an understanding of two main concepts. First, money and the second mortgages.

In, The Federalist Papers, Madison argued that, in large enough republics, various political “factions” selfishly pursuing their own interest would, by a kind of automatic mechanism, forge a proper domestic harmony. (Kissinger, Diplomacy)

With the US election just a few weeks away. I would like to provide my reader with my analysis of the current political situation within the US. While as giving a prediction that Trump will win in November.

Mass Media of Lies and Noise

To help inform my prediction. I did not follow ant form of traditional media. If we look back to 2016 during Trump’s first campaign. We can easily remember how…

2020 has been a strange and wild year for us all. The global economy is been derailed by the Virus. Many people have lost their jobs because of the governmental measures. I am one of the lucky few people that has still managed to stay employed.

For the first have of 2020 I worked as a retail assistant on the frontline against COVID 19. At the start of the summer. I had to resign from my position thanks to be threatened by customers on many different occasions. …

What is a market??

The market where both buyers and sellers gather! Products and services are normally sold with the method of exchange. Money can be narrowly defined as the following. Anything which can pay of a debt, normally money consists of notes and coins.

Notes are the most common form of money within any economy! From the Euro, Dollar and Pound. They are government backed liabilities. For example, after a week for hard work you get paid $380 in cash. That week’s wage is earned via the work you have done. With that week’s wage you now can going shopping, spending, and saving.

Who was Karl Marx?

The year 1818. Germany a Jewish baby was born. Little did his parents known one of the greatest economists & philosopher. Would grow up to change the world for the worst. For, the better well that is a story for a different time.

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one main thing.” Isaiah Berlin

Hard to type this one!!

As a self — taught economist! I have studied Mr. Marx inside & out! After a month of studying nothing but Marx. I discovered something of value withing the ruins of his work. It is what I like to call. Marxian Dynamic Theory…

Another year another budget. If Covid 19 was not bad enough for the government to deal with. We know have a high probability of a NO Deal Brexit before the month is out!

Budget 2021, 17.75 billion! Largest Budget in the history of the state.

What is determines the price of a product or service?

Every day we buy products and services. Some items are essential such as fuel for running our cars and keeping our homes warm. Also, we do a weekly shopping, buy milk, cigarettes or bread every few days.

If you budget, your money wisely. You will notice the continuous rise of the cost of our daily living. The…

Part 1; Introduction

The only better for the media than COVID 19, is Brexit! It provides the press with more information, false headlines, and potential spin. To, create more fear and panic! Uncertainty, a critical concept for everyone to understand.

My goal for this essay is to provide the reader with an analysis of International Trade and provide them with a brief analysis of the Irish economy. In the previous two essays. I have quoted the work of Thomas Malthus (1766–1834). For this essay, I will be quoting another Classical Economist. David Ricardo.

Who was David Ricardo?

“The value of a commodity, or the…


1776, the year of the American Revolution and the publishing of a book that would create a whole new branch of natural philosophy. That book being Adam Smith’s the Wealth of Nations. This book laid the foundation of Economic. Probably the most important topic for anyone to study.

Economic is split into two areas of study. First Micro — Economic which studies how individuals, households and business manage their resources. Land, Labour and Capital.

The second branch of Economics is that of Macro — Economics. In this essay my aim is to provide the reader with a strong understanding…

By great attention to cleanliness, the plague seems at length to be completely expelled from London. But it is not improbable that among the secondary causes that produce even sickly season and epidemics, ought to be ranked, a crowed population and unwholesome and insufficient food! (Thomas Malthus 1798)


As the nation of Ireland panics and is frighten by epidemic! More uncertainty is here to stay with us all. Vital questions about everyone’s job security. Are starting to be asked by the current government.

In the previous essay. I wrote about Macro — Economics & Gross Domestic Production! In this…

Seamus Molloy

International Speculator, A.P.A Investing & Savings

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