2020 Election; Trump’s Four More Years

In, The Federalist Papers, Madison argued that, in large enough republics, various political “factions” selfishly pursuing their own interest would, by a kind of automatic mechanism, forge a proper domestic harmony. (Kissinger, Diplomacy)

With the US election just a few weeks away. I would like to provide my reader with my analysis of the current political situation within the US. While as giving a prediction that Trump will win in November.

Mass Media of Lies and Noise

To help inform my prediction. I did not follow ant form of traditional media. If we look back to 2016 during Trump’s first campaign. We can easily remember how wrong many political pundits where wrong in their forecast. For this reason, I have analyzed the current state of the American economy.

Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

One of the biggest trends going in Donald’s favor is the current trend of Unemployment. Unemployment within the US is currently at 7.9%. After post stage of the Lockdowns and Covid Breakout!

Unemployment Rate in the US falling rapidly

The Unemployment Rate is the US id steadily declining. Trump’s economy is already recovering from the worst of COVID 19. The continuous decline in the US unemployment rate. Provides me with enough confidence that Trump will easily win his second term.

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