The History of all existing societies is the history of class struggles

The market where both buyers and sellers gather! Products and services are normally sold with the method of exchange. Money can be narrowly defined as the following. Anything which can pay of a debt, normally money consists of notes and coins.

Notes are the most common form of money within any economy! From the Euro, Dollar and Pound. They are government backed liabilities. For example, after a week for hard work you get paid $380 in cash. That week’s wage is earned via the work you have done. With that week’s wage you now can going shopping, spending, and saving.

As, the worker wakes on a Saturday morning. He has now plenty of opportunities open to him. If he is wise with his money, he will save 20% of it. $76 saved will add to his self esteem before he even leaves his bedroom.

After applying his 20% savings method the work now has free cash flow of $304. As, he plans out his week ahead he knowns that he will have a daily budget of $60.80.

Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your life!!!

The Communist Manifesto was a text written by Engels! It was published out of London.1848, had a population of 2.4 million. It was the most populous city in the world and the heart of the global capitalist system! Sterling; the soundest currency within the Global Capitalists system! The City of London, still to this day! Controls the Global Financial System

I have 99 Problems, but my sales pitch is not one!!!

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