The Wishful Exchange of the Manchester School

Who was Karl Marx?

The year 1818. Germany a Jewish baby was born. Little did his parents known one of the greatest economists & philosopher. Would grow up to change the world for the worst. For, the better well that is a story for a different time.

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one main thing.” Isaiah Berlin

Hard to type this one!!

As a self — taught economist! I have studied Mr. Marx inside & out! After a month of studying nothing but Marx. I discovered something of value withing the ruins of his work. It is what I like to call. Marxian Dynamic Theory! To keep it simple, I am going for an another far!

What is Marian Dynamic Theory?

Like all of Marx’s ideas. He stole them. As a socialist he introduction a division between the classes. Probably because the dirty little Germany was not fit enough to steal a pair of glasses. The Marxian Dynamic divided the workers against employers!

Astronomer versus Painter

The forces of production are created by the leading innovator with the Global Capitalist System! The production of product and services required important few things. Skilled Labor, Scientific Knowledge, and tools. All of which can be found at the right market, not a left market.

What is a Market? You better write this one down!

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